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From Venezuela to Canada
This is my journey.
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15th-Oct-2009 01:03 pm - Greetings from... Venezuela
Hi, Here I am again. I don't have any news. I would like to say: "Hey, Im in Canada with my husband.", but the Canadian Embassy haven't contacted me yet. 6 months since they started processing my case. Now I'm graduated and ready to go.

Joaquin bought an apartment, and I really want to go with him to go shopping and buy items for our new house.

Let's see what happens.

2nd-Dec-2008 04:21 pm - Rainy day
Today, it's a rainy day. It's incredible how much water it's around me. The Avila has so many clouds and it's a cold day. I am working on my final essay from the last class I will have at the University, I must finish because tomorrow it's the last day.

My essay is about describing the feelings and emotions about something familiar to us and I chose the Twilight Trailer (en easy one for me). The professor give us ideas to work: movies, places, moments in our life, feelings, memories, walls, music and relationships. Why Twilight? Because Twilight it's my favorite book and I'm not ashamed of that. My old LJ had so many entries about Twilight (the movie, discussion, books, pictures, random stuff) and this place will be like that soon. You are warned my friend: If you don't twilight and find it boring it's not a good idea to add me as a friend, I would torment you to death with my fangirl entries (haha, just kidding!).

So... Beware of me, I'm dangerous.

My favorites books: La Reina Sin Nombre, Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series, Harry Potter 1 to 6, and of course... the Twilight Series.

Books I don't like: ehm? I can't find a book to say: "I hate this book so much that I will burn it...". I must say I didn't like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it was boring and Rowling could have done it so much better. This book made no sense to me.

1st-Dec-2008 07:34 am - Welcome December
December stars today, and I am more than happy. This last weekend was relaxing, because I finished LOST and I'm addicted to this show, it was shocking and I want to know what is going to happen in the next season.

My sister went to the hospital again, she had problems with her leg and had a surgery back in August, but now she's fine. She won't need any more surgeries until a year maybe.

It was a quiet weekend and everyday the mountain was gray and the weather was so cold, and I think this is nice, I like it that way. Well, goodbye for now, because I have work to do here at the lab.

Happy week!
28th-Nov-2008 09:57 am - The Sims and the real life.
I like to play the Sims 2, I'm a fan since The Sims in the 2000 and I have all the expansions packs. Now, I just have The Sims 2 and waiting for The Sims 3. This game is about making your own familiy and to have the life that you don't have. I made myself in the game and I married to my husband Joaquín. We have now a beautiful house, a daughter, a red pick-up truck and we are saving for the big house with a pool. It's very funny.

Joaquin and me, the day of our wedding in the Sims.

And well, not everything is fantasy, because I'm watching ikea.com to have ideas for our future home (we will have one!). We needed ideas, because Joaquín is returning to Canada in january and soon we will have our own apartment. That makes me happy, having a home with the one I love. I wish my family could come with us.

28th-Nov-2008 08:39 am - Passion
One of the things that defines the latins are the passion. Us, latins are so passionate about everything, about life, about family and about love. Well, being so much passionate it's a problem too. And sometimes passions is what causes us troubles. Want a proof? Venezuela. But not exclusively in my country.

We need a little less passion and a little more thinking.
28th-Nov-2008 08:15 am - New Icons, new layout...
This LJ feels like home, new layout, new icons... I'm more than happy. I was supposed to go to the University, but it's late and I'm lazy to go right now. I wanted to sleep a little more. Allergic reaction to the University?
27th-Nov-2008 11:52 pm - The Christmas are coming.
I have to buy the present to my "Secret friend" (Amigo secreto), and I got an idea... :D

Few ideas, but I will use just one. She's just gonna love it. I know.
27th-Nov-2008 12:11 am - Poison
It's a shame when someone only have poison when he/she speaks and damage the dignity and dreams of all her/his friends. Persons who doesn't know the word: respect and diversity. Without morals because when they were little dad was an abuser and they are abusers too now. What a shame.

They are victims.
26th-Nov-2008 03:36 pm - Music and Coffee
I'm addicted to the song  "Supermassive black hole" by Muse. I don't know why. It's quite relaxing and dynamic. It makes me happy. You know what? I'm addicted to music and coffee. I want to stop just a second to feel the taste of the coffee, the smell.
26th-Nov-2008 09:07 am - Welcoming my new LJ.
Hello Everyone, it's me Mary and this is my new Livejournal. I think I could use it to practice my english, because I'm venezuelan. Why a new LJ? Because fufichi (my nickname) was free on this network. Fufichi was an word used by my husband to name me when we were dating. He created to me a blog for our anniversary in wordpress even a nice layout (he is a web designer) and my own domain.

Hope this is a new and fresh start. So, a little about me. I'm 22 years old, finishing Biology in one of the best University of my country, yap. I'm married and I have a nice family (mom, daddy, 2 sisters and... my husband of course). Catholic and physically dazzling... xD LOL, that's was a joke, my roots are from Africa, part Native Americans, part German, Portuguese and.. ¿Venezuelan?

And by the other hand I like to write, read books, listen music and watch movies. My  specials abilities include: name things, nickname my husband, making plans and cruel jokes. Sometimes I'm friendly and sometimes I can't cut your head off. Dark sense of humor and I can't change.

and I Believe in God and that's what gives me hope.


Likes: life

Don't like: annoying people?

And for a pessimistic, I'm pretty optimistic.

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